DTSAA: DT ShapeArray


The DT ShapeArray data logger is designed to measure a single ShapeArray sensor.


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Product Features

  • Option for radio and antenna kit for incorporation into an RSTAR network
  • Battery powered for remote sites
  • Weather resistant NEMA 4X (IP66) enclosure
  • User-friendly software
  • Data stored in .dat format compatible with SAASuite Analysis Tools


The DTSAA Data Logger enables stand alone and radio-telemetry data collection of Measurand ShapeArray instruments.

ShapeArray instruments can be incorporated into a wireless, or stand alone, data collection system by using the DTSAA Data Logger. The DTSAA can read ShapeArray sensors configured in low power mode. If configured with an RSTAR radio, the data logger will transmit data to a RSTAR hub allowing automated data conversions.

DTSAA: DT ShapeArray Specifications

Memory Records Up to 8,000 segment readings
Power Source Power Source Lithium D Cell Primary Battery
Battery Life Typically 2 years with a 100 segment ShapeArray on 1-hour reading
frequency and equipped with RSTAR L900 radio.
See manual for recommended battery replacement schedules.
Variables include ShapeArray length, reading frequency, ambient
temperature, and telemetry option.
Communication USB Type B connector (radio optional)
Dimensions 190 x 75 x 55 mm (7.48 x. 2.95 x 2.17 in.)
Temperature Range -40°C to 60°C (-40° to 140°F)
Enclosure NEMA 4X (IP66)
Range Up to 14 KM
(900MHz Line of Sight, see RSTAR Manual for more details)


Memory Specifications

Memory Size 4MB
Data Transfer 4,000 data points per second
Variable Rate Mode 16 user-programmable sampling rates
Data Format SAASuite Compatible .dat file
Memory Full Behaviour

The DTSAA: DT ShapeArray is commonly used where automated collection of data, wireless or otherwise, is required from instruments that are bussed together along one single cable running the length of the entire chain of connected ShapeArrays.

DTSAA ShapeArray Logger ordering info

DT ShapeArray Logger DTSAA
Cable Gland Nut Wrench DT100
Pole Mount Kit DT20XX-M1
4” Secondary Enclosure DT2011-SE



RSTAR L900 – automated wireless data collection

File Name

DT Series Dataloggers Installation Guidelines

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Language Version Download
English ELM0089B

File Name

DT Series Dataloggers Maintenance and Service Guidelines

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Language Version Download
English ELM0088B

File Name

DTSAA ShapeArray Datalogger Manual

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Language Version Download
English ELM0105A

File Name

DTSAA: DT ShapeArray

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Language Version Download
English ELB0088A
Spanish ELB0097A
Portuguese ELB0096A

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DT Logger Host Software for PC

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Unzip the ZIP file once it is downloaded.
From the extracted files, double click on the “.exe” file.
Follow the instructions to install.

Language Version Download
English 1.19.7

File Name

DT Logger Host Instruction Manual PC Platform

Resource Type

Language Version Download
English ELM0080O

Speak with an Expert

I’m very happy with the quality of the instrumentation and technical support from RST, as always. They worked with us from the initial stages of the project to ensure that we were fully prepared and equipped to use the RSTAR network for the first time. They delivered everything within the tight project time frame to ensure that there were no delays on site, and the submersible tilt meters looked like new even after over twelve months of being submerged in Thames water!
-Richard Lipscombe, BEng (Hons), Director & Principle Consultant - RL Geotechnical Ltd