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RST was founded in 1977, when Robert Straghan Sr. built a better pneumatic piezometer. We’ve come a long way since then, but some things haven’t changed. Relentless curiosity and a drive to solve exciting problems still fuel us.

In our bustling lab, we’re continually devising original solutions to evolving engineering challenges. Our sensors enable the next generation of projects so you can go places you’ve never been before with confidence.

For over 40 years, RST’s pioneering technologies have enabled iconic infrastructure projects, including dams, tunnels, bridges, and more. From our base in Western Canada, we’ve grown a reputation for right-fit solutions that span the lifecycle of your project, from designing and building to training, installing, inspecting and updating monitoring systems.

That’s a legacy worth protecting.

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RST has been one of our trusted partners for years in providing solutions to a wide range of our instrumentation needs—from the prompt shipment of piezometers and inclinometer casing, to the annual calibration of our inclinometer systems. RST takes the time to learn about our projects and provides value by collaborating with us on our monitoring strategy.

-Elke Declercq, Geotechnical Dept – Flemish Government

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