GEOVIEWER Real-Time Monitoring Software

Ficha técnica (ES)


GeoViewer is a data viewer that provides flexible console viewing of large data sets from automatic data acquisition systems (ADAS). The program runs on Windows®, with full functionality under Windows Server®. GeoViewer operates on a LabVIEW™ platform, which has facilitated the evolution of the product, to support multiple loggers, on-web serving of data, numerous devices, web events, mobile access etc. The robust, fast, feature-rich, ever-improving LabVIEW™ platform permits new functionality to be added readily.

To request a software demo for GeoViewer, please send us an email.


Views of Data Presentation:

  • Mimic View
  • Lists View
  • Time Series Plots
  • Exaggerated Profiles
  • Linked Files