Data Collection Methods for Geotechnical Monitoring Instrumentation


RST offers many types of data loggers which are used to collect data from sensors in dams, tunnels, bridges, mines, natural slopes and other geotechnical and structural applications. Products in this category offer manual monitoring or remote data acquisition configurations with alarm triggering.



Option 1: RSTAR (Automated Data Collection)

  • Fully automated collection.
  • Ideal for remote site locations or sites with frequent data collection needs.
  • Nodes (sensors with data loggers) use radio telemetry to connect to a central data logger (RSTAR Hub) which acts as the main access point.
  • Hub has its own data logger, antenna, and power.
  • Range from the node to Hub is up to 14 km.

More information about RSTAR

View the RSTAR Webinar for detailed information

Option 2: DT LINK (Semi-Automated Data Collection)

  • Semi-automated collection.
  • Ideal for on-site data collection where the data logger is within line of sight.
  • Nodes (sensors with data loggers) connect wirelessly to a hand-held portable hub.
  • Ranges from node to portable hub can be up to 500 m and 800 m.

More information about DT Link

View the DT Link Webinar for detailed information

FlexDAQ Data Logger

  • Fully automated collection.
  • Ideal for remote site locations or sites with frequent data collection needs.
  • Sensor leads are connected directly to the FlexDAQ data logger. Most commercially available sensor types can be read by FlexDAQ.
  • Data transmission can be accomplished by a variety of methods including cellular modem, … (use ones listed on brochure)
  • Each FlexDAQ data logger is custom built to suit project needs including type and quantity of sensors, reading frequency, communications protocols and power source.
  • FlexDAQ data loggers are pre-assembled, pre-wired, pre-tested and pre-programmed so that they are ready to run.


Most sensor types and gauges can be read with these products including vibrating wire, thermistor, quarter bridge strain gauge, pneumatic and DT Bus. Use RST GeoViewer as a data viewer that provides flexible console viewing of large data sets from automatic data acquisition systems (ADAS).