Instruments by type

Inclinometers measure underground lateral displacements within soil and rock.

RST Instruments’ Data Loggers nodes and hubs collect and store data from a wide variety of geotechnical sensors and gauges.

Piezometers are pressure-sensitive, submersible measurement sensors designed to detect pore water pressure and ground water levels.

Tilt meters are used to measure and monitor changes to the inclination and vertical rotation of structures.

Settlement systems are used to monitor changes in the ground surface and subsurface in terms of settlement and heave or to monitor the efficiency of preconsolidation of soft soil formations.

Extensometers are used to measure the displacement or general deformation of rock, soil, and concrete structures in a variety of geotechnical applications.

Crack Meters and Joint Meters are employed in multiple geotechnical construction applications to monitor movement in structures along surface cracks or construction joints.

Load cells are used to record and measure the force of compressive and tensile loads in various industrial applications.

Pressure cells, are used to measure total pressure in soils, rock and concrete and at the interface between soil and natural or concrete abutment structures, as well as on foundation contacts.

RST Instruments’ custom-manufactured thermistor strings provide temperature monitoring that is both reliable and easy to implement.

RST offers a full range of outdoor rated signal cables to connect our vibrating-wire piezometers, load and pressure cells, crack meters, joint meters, and other instruments.

RST Instruments offers many solutions for reading, displaying, and logging data from its instruments.

RST Instruments’ grout monitors provide real-time display of key grouting parameters to enhance the understanding of site conditions.

RST Instruments offers a suite of Instantel vibration monitors and accessories to monitor vibrations and air overpressure at your site.

Speak with an Expert

I’m very happy with the quality of the instrumentation and technical support from RST, as always. They worked with us from the initial stages of the project to ensure that we were fully prepared and equipped to use the RSTAR network for the first time. They delivered everything within the tight project time frame to ensure that there were no delays on site, and the submersible tilt meters looked like new even after over twelve months of being submerged in Thames water!
-Richard Lipscombe, BEng (Hons), Director & Principle Consultant - RL Geotechnical Ltd