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Track Monitoring System

Settlement systems are used to monitor changes in the ground surface and subsurface in terms of settlement and heave or to monitor the efficiency of preconsolidation of soft soil formations. Any major construction is vulnerable to shifts and changes in the earth below. Settlement and heave can derail the best laid plans, especially in areas of geological instability and weak soil conditions where consolidation, ground settlement or other significant earth movement may occur. Nearby construction, excavation or tunnelling can likewise disrupt ground stability. Ongoing measurement of settlement and heave is vital to ensuring the long-term stability of structures such as roadways, railways, embankments, rockfill dams, and landfills.

RST Instruments’ settlement systems are designed for long-term, cost-effective measurement of ground heave and settlement, and each has a specific but simple installation process suited to the installation environment and the needs of your project.

The Vibrating Wire Liquid Settlement System and the Precision Liquid Settlement Array are permanent installations that employ a network of sensors designed to detect

changes in liquid pressure due to ground settlement on a continual basis. The Digital Horizontal Inclinometer System, on the other hand, is a portable measurement tool that can be employed as needed at multiple sites by running the retractable inclinometer probe through a pre-installed horizontal casing below the ground surface.

RST also offers Magnetic Settlement Systems that measure ground settlement via a vertical column of ceramic magnets within a casing. These can be installed in three different configurations in soil and rock and can be adapted for horizontal installations.

Whatever ground settlement and heave monitoring system you choose for your project, a compatible RST Data Logger allows for reliable and precise data collection and integration.