C108 Pneumatic Readout Software

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The C108 Pneumatic Readout Software is used with the RST C108 Pneumatic Readout Instrument which retains all the functionality and features of the RST C106 Pneumatic Readout with the added feature of being able to store readings in the field and being able to download and process the data in the office. In addition, each C108 is shipped with a label on the case lid with quick-start instructions for taking manual readings.

C108 (legacy, replaced with C109, resource for existing customers). The C108 Digital Pneumatic Readout monitors all pneumatic transducers. The standard FC-100 automatic flow controller ensures accurate, repeatable readings, independent of operator error. As the correct flow rate is critical, the FC-100 controls the flow regardless of backpressure or tubing length. The unit incorporates an internal pressure cylinder which can be refilled without needing to be removed. A filler hose is supplied with the unit and no additional regulators are required to fill the internal cylinder.

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C108 Host Software

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English 1.20

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C108 Pneumatic Readout Instruction Manual

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English PPM0028C

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I’m very happy with the quality of the instrumentation and technical support from RST, as always. They worked with us from the initial stages of the project to ensure that we were fully prepared and equipped to use the RSTAR network for the first time. They delivered everything within the tight project time frame to ensure that there were no delays on site, and the submersible tilt meters looked like new even after over twelve months of being submerged in Thames water!
-Richard Lipscombe, BEng (Hons), Director & Principle Consultant - RL Geotechnical Ltd