Our Vision

We bring trusted geotechnical insights to customers around the world.

Our Mission

Through innovation, a strong work ethic, a culture that encourages teamwork, and continuous improvement, our mission is to be an industry leader in the engineering, manufacture and service of geotechnical instrumentation and data solutions worldwide.

Our Values

  • Safety – We protect employees, customers and the environment
  • Quality – We strive for zero defects
  • Integrity Always –We keep promises and meet our commitments
  • Responsiveness – We serve our stakeholders with a sense of urgency
  • Teamwork – We create a positive environment of mutual respect
  • People Development – We are building a winning world class team
  • Continuous Improvement – We have a passion for excellence
  • Innovation – We are creative solution providers

Quality Policy

We are committed to providing the highest standards in product and service quality to our customers. This is accomplished through our quality management system and objectives where we strive to continuously improve by meeting/exceeding our performance requirements and commitments. The quality function is an integral part of all our day-to-day activities and must remain the focus of our attention at all times. Our team ensures that the services we supply conform to our contractual, legal, and internal quality requirements. Our Quality Management System is based upon the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and is intended to assist our customers in assessing our capabilities of meeting their requirements.