Vibrating Wire Strain Gauge

Manual: Arc Weldable Vibrating Wire Strain Gauge
Manual: Structural Steel Vibrating Wire Strain Gauge
Manual: Embedment Vibrating Wire Strain Gauge
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RST Vibrating Wire Strain Gauges are designed to be welded to or embedded in various structures for monitoring strain. RST vibrating wire strain gauges are available in 3 models: VWSG-A, for arc welding to steel structures; VWSG-S, for spot welding to steel structures, and VWSG-E for embedment in concrete. The RST VW2106 Vibrating Wire Readout or “DT Series” Data Loggers can be used to read the vibrating wire strain gauges.


Measuring strain in steel members and concrete structures including bridges, piles, dams, tunnels, and buildings.