Customer success story

Track Monitoring


Calgary, Alberta, Canada


McIntosh Lalani Associates, Consultant for Private Developer

Track owned by Canadian Pacific Railway (CP)

Project Summary

Monitoring track for potential settlement resulting from trenchless tunneling for installation of utilities for a major residential development. CP was concerned that integrity of the tracks was monitored.


Track Monitoring System


Installation went smoothly as the flexibility of the system (ability to adjust rod lengths) ensured variability in the track tie spacing did not impact attaching the sensors. Installation proceeded using various sizes and lengths of lag bolts to overcome variable and poor-quality material at the surface of the ties. Anchorages remained solid over the project duration.


The system was operated in conjunction with an optical survey method to reduce the frequency and cost of the surveys. Data regarding early detection of movement and correlation with survey data to within a few millimeters was obtained and allowed the customer to provide ongoing information confi rming no impact to the integrity of the tracks.


Overall, the customer appreciated the ease of installation and operation with immediate data collection commencing upon installation. They would recommend the Track Monitoring system to their clients for future projects.

RST products used in this project


Track Monitoring System

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