Software Downloads

Software plays an essential role in the configuration and use of your instrumentation. RST Instruments’ user-friendly software allows for easy downloading and maintenance in the field.

Users are able to connect, download data and change settings in a matter of a few clicks. RST Instruments’ software is categorized below and freely available to download.

Note: Download times may vary depending on your connection speed. New to downloading? See our document for downloading to Windows by clicking here. By downloading software from the RST Instruments Web site you agree to the terms of our license agreement. Please read it here before downloading.

Automated Data Logging

DT Logger Host Software

The RST single channel and multichannel data loggers are compact, simple to use, low cost, battery-powered data loggers. Designed for reliable, unattended monitoring in harsh and remote environments, DT Logger Host software provides users the application to configure and use a variety of RST Instruments’ data loggers.


GeoViewer Real-time data viewing

GeoViewer is designed to view, analyze, and present data generated from sensors and instrumentation installed in the field. GeoViewer provides flexible desktop viewing of large data sets from ADAS (automatic data acquisition systems) via wired or wireless web communications. One platform, viewable anywhere.

Manual Data Logging

RST Readout Host Software

The RST Readout Host Software is designed to allow easy downloading and display of data from RST Instruments’ readout devices. The user-friendly interface lets the user configure instrument options and view data contained in the readout memory.

Pneumatic Readout Host Software

MEMS In-Place Inclinometer Software

MEMS Tilt meter

RST Digital Inclinometer Software for Field PC2

Spiral File Format Converter

ThermArray+ Host Software for Field PC (Version 1.20)

VW0420 Host Software (Version 1.32)

Partner Software

RST Instruments sensors and instrumentation can be used with partner software to configure monitoring settings to collect, view, and present data.


The new standard for sensor data management. sensemetrics’ effortlessly connects organizations, people, and machines, centralizing sensor data and providing real-time insight.

Geotechnical Observations’ Geodaisy®

Geotechnical Observations’ Geodaisy® is more than just a way of receiving your monitoring data and raising alarms. Geodaisy® has the power of a database and the flexibility of a spreadsheet all from the comfort of an online environment. It will help you to make quick and informed decisions.

Download Current RST USB Drivers HERE