SG350: Bridge Transducer Readout

Ficha técnica (PT)


The SG350 reads, displays, and logs bridge transducers. Unprecedented accuracy, flexible memory options and ease of use make the SG350 Bridge Transducer Readout invaluable for projects requiring monitoring of bridge transducers. Maximum download time is only 15 seconds.

Complementing its high level of accuracy, the SG350 is also designed for maximum efficiency with the user in mind. In addition to the simple power requirements of only 3 “AA” batteries, the SG350 comes well-equipped with standard features such as a large graphics display with backlight and easily accessible USB port and multi-pin transducer connector.


Reads, displays, and logs bridge transducers.


  • Readings in raw or engineering units.
  • Field-replaceable “AA” alkaline batteries eliminate the need for a large, bulky 12 V battery and a charger.
  • Stores up to 254 instrument locations per route, each with a text label, calibration constants, previous data, and up to 11,400 time/date stamped data points.
  • Excitation of 3.3V.
  • Resolution of 0.1µV.