Vibration & Overpressure

Vibration and Overpressure Instantel

RST Instruments offers a suite of Instantel vibration monitors and accessories to monitor vibrations and air overpressure at your site. The vibration monitors include the hand-held Instantel Micromate and the four- or six-channel Instantel Minimate, trading some of the Micromate’s extreme portability for more built-in features. Whichever model you choose, all Instantel vibration monitors meet the industry standards of the International Society of Explosive Engineers (ISEE, 2011) and DIN 45669-1.

RST Instruments and Instantel also provide solutions to ensure that the data the vibration monitors collect reach you in a timely manner and in a form useful to you. Instantel vibration monitors can be integrated into an all-in-one remote monitoring solution that automatically sends data to your computer or cloud-based hosting. On the receiving end, Instantel THOR software collects, filters, and displays the data it receives remotely, putting the information you need at your fingertips without the need to manually collect data in the field. And the THOR software’s Auto Call Home features provide you with round-the-clock notifications wherever you are.

The Instantel vibration monitors offered by RST Instruments have applications in safety or regulatory monitoring for operations that make use of blasting or pile driving, including quarries, construction sites, civil projects, tunnels and subways, underwater projects, and oil and gas exploration. And because the vibration monitors can be attached to microphones, hydrophones, and geophones, one device can monitor the effects of these operations across air, water, and solid media. The flexibility these devices offer is increased even further with their 10-day built-in battery life and the ability to connect to solar power sources and external batteries for greater power autonomy, allowing their use in out-of-the way locations without the need to visit for frequent maintenance.