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Tilt meters are used to measure and monitor changes to the inclination and vertical rotation of structures. There are myriad external factors that can affect the tilt of a structure and compromise structural integrity, such as changes to the water level, ground heave due to frost or thaw, and nearby tunnelling or excavation. Any of these situations has the potential to compromise structural integrity and can affect the safety and efficiency of build projects or result in damage to existing structures.

The use of tilt meters allows for precise, up-to-the-minute monitoring of structures and can thereby provide an early warning of any shifts or changes, allowing for rapid corrective action to be taken.

Tilt meters can be installed on any vertical or horizontal surface of a structure, and can be uniaxial or biaxial, depending on the needs of the project. Calibrated in relation to the acceleration of gravity at exactly 90 degrees from the horizontal surface of the earth, tilt meters detect even the slightest deviations from true vertical. The data they collect provides a clear schematic of vertical and rotational deformations within the structure over time.

RST Instruments’ offers a variety of tilt meters suited to the specific needs of your project. The MEMS In-Place Tilt Meter provides a permanent monitoring solution for vertical and rotational deformation in above-ground structures such as buildings, retaining walls, and concrete dams. For long-term monitoring of submerged structures such as bridge piles and offshore structures, RST’s Submersible Tilt Meter provides rugged performance at 200 metres depth and beyond.

For tunneling applications, RST provides the Profile Monitoring System for Tunnel Concrete Segments, a connected series of tilt meters that are fixed to interior tunnel walls that measure spatial displacement of individual lining concrete segments relative to a fixed vertical axis. RST’s Track Monitoring System employs a series of similarly interconnected tilt meters to monitor settlement and twist of railroad tracks.

Data from all of RST’s Tilt Meters and Tilt Meter systems can be collected locally or remotely using a signature RST DT series data logger.