Thermistor Strings

RST Instruments’ custom-manufactured thermistor strings provide temperature monitoring that is both reliable and easy to implement. Single-point and multipoint strings with short or extended lengths are available. The temperature points are thermistors that are precision matched for interchangeability. This permits the use of multiple sensors with a single readout or data logger, eliminating costly calibration procedures. Data from the thermistors can be sent to a DT series Data Logger or read directly from VW2106 readout units or an on-site terminal station.

Our thermistors can be used anywhere you need real-time information about the temperature conditions of your infrastructure. Their applications include baseline ground temperature monitoring for mining projects, permafrost studies, ocean temperature monitoring, as well as monitoring concrete curing temperature during mass concrete placement and water seepage in earthfill and tailings dams.

The thermistors you use need to be tough enough to withstand the conditions they’re meant to monitor. RST’s thermistor strings are triple encapsulated in direct-burial-rated 22-gauge water-blocked instrumentation cable for protection against water ingress and physical damage. And with operating temperatures between -80°C and +75°C and an accuracy of ±0.01°C or better for 100 months at 0°C, extreme environments won’t limit where you use our thermistors.