Grout Monitors

Permeation Grout Monitors

Compaction Grout Monitors

RST Instruments’ grout monitors provide real-time display of key grouting parameters to enhance the understanding of site conditions. The data they provide are invaluable in providing a permanent record for quality assurance, quantity documentation, and pressure and flow readings. RST’s grout monitors provide information about borehole grout’s pressure, flow, injected volume, apparent Lugeon, penetrability control, and GIN. The data they collect can be transmitted to a computer base station over a wi-fi connection, providing automatic unattended monitoring if desired. Their user-friendly software allows for displaying the trending graphs of pressure and flow, as well as other graphs associated with grouting theories and practices.

RST’s grout monitors find applications in any operation that makes use of grouted boreholes. Both permeation and compaction grout monitors are available to suit the type of grouting operation. The permeation grout monitor can handle grout flows of 3 l/min to 300 l/min while the compaction grout monitor can handle flows between 0.2 and 5.0 CFM. For low mobility/high pressure applications, wired and wireless header pressure monitoring is available.