Data Loggers

RSTAR L900 Wireless Data Acquisition for Geotechnical Instruments

DT Link Wireless Data Collection from Data Loggers

FlexDAQ Data Loggers

DT2011B: Single Channel Vibrating Wire Data Logger

DT2055B: 5/10 Channel Vibrating Wire/Thermistor Data Logger

DT2040: 20/40 Channel Vibrating Wire Thermistor Data Logger

DT2485: DT-BUS Data Logger

DTSAA: DT ShapeArray

DTL201B/DTL202B: Uniaxial/Biaxial Digital Tilt Loggers

DT4205: 5/10 Channel 4-20mA Transmitter Data Logger/Thermistor Data Logger

DT2306: Potentiometer Data Logger

DT2350: Load Cell Data Logger

VW0420: Vibrating Wire Isolated Analog Interface

Ultra Rugged Field PC2 and Accessories

RST Instruments’ Data Loggers nodes and hubs collect and store data from a wide variety of geotechnical sensors and gauges, including vibrating wire and digital microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). They can automatically collect data from the sensor outputs and can be programmed to trigger an alarm when a reading reaches a pre-set critical threshold.

Communication with data logger units can be made directly with an ethernet or USB cable or wirelessly through Wi-Fi, radio, cellular modem, or satellite modem. Your data can then be collected and analyzed in near real time, both remotely, via wireless connection to a remote workstation, and in the field, using a laptop or the specifically designed RST Ultra-Rugged Field PC2.

The flexibility of RST Data Loggers means that they can be used in a variety of different geotechnical conditions. You will use a data logger wherever you have geotechnical measuring and monitoring instruments: water and tailings dams, mines, bridges, tunnels, open excavations, buildings, roadways, landfill sites… the list is virtually endless. Constant site monitoring is essential to keep up with and respond to the vagaries of geotechnical activity, and RST instruments provide the necessary tools for the job.

The data logging products you need will vary depending on the scope and the specifics of your project; the DT2011B Single Channel Vibrating Wire Data Logger and the DT2350 Load Cell Data Logger, for example, are quite specific in their collecting scope, but are fully compatible with the RSTAR Array Radio Network or DT Link Wireless Data Collection Systems.