Borehole Packers

Borehole Packers and Accessories

RST Instruments’ borehole packers can be pneumatically or hydraulically inflated to isolate sections of a borehole. A single packer can isolate the section of a borehole below it, while two packers can isolate a section from above and below.

RST produces a suite of accessories to get the most out of this versatile instrument. RST’s inflation regulator controls the packer’s inflation with precision in order to avoid damaging borehole walls. Two models are available to suit your project’s specific needs, capable of producing up to 350 or 1000 psi, depending on your needs. For situating the packer in the borehole, RST’s sealing cones set the packer assembly in place at the drill bit and lifting bails raise and lower the packer assembly by wireline. Feed-through adapters allow instrument leads to be passed through the packers to the section below. To pump water past the packer, RST’s stuffing box provides a seal on drill rods and against the wireline and inflation line, while the flow system—which includes a flow meter, pressure gauge, shut-off valve, by-pass valve, connection hose, and aluminum frame— monitors and controls waterflow during downhole testing.

RST’s borehole-packer suite is useful in any context where part of a borehole needs to be sealed off. Water pumped into the isolated section can be used for permeability testing in order to monitor soil stability in applications from open-pit mining to tunnel safety. The water pressure produced by the packer’s seal can also be used for hydrofracturing. RST’s borehole packers can also seal off unwanted artesian flows and as borehole seal during pressure grouting operations in rock formations.