Portable Tilt Meter



The RST Portable MEMS Tilt Meter utilizes a MEMS tilt meter to measure tilt in either one or two axial planes perpendicular the surface of the base plate. The output is a digital output and is directly proportional to the sine of angle of tilt. In the horizontal position the DC output is zero. Portable MEMS Tilt Meters require placing the tilt meter in a reproducible position on a reference plate attached to the surface being monitored. It is designed for applications where a large number of measuring points are to be observed.


  • Monitor tilt of retaining and building walls.
  • Tilt of concrete dams.
  • Landslide monitoring.
  • Ground subsidence.
  • Building safety along adjacent excavations.
  • Applications where the failure mode is expected to have a rotational component.


  • Range: ±15°
  • Resolution: ±2 arc sec. (±0.0006°) (0.01 mm/m)
  • Non-linearity: ±0.0125% F.S. (±0.002°) (0.03 mm/m)
  • Repeatability: ±0.0125% F.S. (±0.002°) (0.03 mm/m)
  • Sensor: MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) Accelerometer