JUNE 8, 2021, 2pm ET /11am PT
Live Webinar: ShapeArray vs. In-Place Inclinometer Systems

Vertical and horizontal deformation measurements provide invaluable information to engineers and decision-makers, but with different types of inclinometer systems and with advances in remote automated data collection, there are many factors to consider when determining which instrument is right for your geotechnical monitoring application.

Join RST Instruments’ Matt Hartz and Measurand’s Matthew Miller for a live webinar that offers an in-depth analysis and comparison between ShapeArray and In-Place Inclinometer Systems.


  • A detailed overview of each instrument
  • Differences in instrument installation methods
  • Automated data collection strategies
  • An understanding of why you would choose one instrument over the other
  • Real-world examples and use-cases
  • Live questions and answers


9 DE MARZO DE 2021, 11 a. M. PST
Seminario Web En Vivo: Introducción a La Tecnología de Instrumentación Geotécnica para Infraestructura

Asiste a nuestro próximo seminario web en vivo y en español. El próximo 9 de marzo el Dr. Pierre Choquet, vicepresidente de desarrollo de mercado de RST Instruments, presentará una Introducción a la Tecnología de Instrumentación Geotécnica para Infraestructura.
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JUN 30, 2020

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JUN 3, 2020
NEW SUCCESS STORY: Excavation Shoring Monitoring
RST’s latest Success Story focuses on monitoring an area around a waterfront development site which features a prominent high-rise. Instrumentation was used to ensure excavation and shoring did not adversely affect surrounding rail tracks and buildings. View full story here: Excavation Shoring Monitoring.

APR 28, 2020

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APR 17, 2020
WEBINAR: Introduction to Geotechnical Instrumentation Technology for Infrastructure
Join Pierre Choquet, VP of Market Development with RST Instruments, on APR 29, 2020 for a live webinar on Instrumentation and Monitoring for Infrastructure Projects. Click here for more details and registration.

FEB 25-28, 2020
CONFERENCE: Geo-Congress, 2020
Come and visit RST alongside our partners, Measurand, in booth #506 at Geo-Congress 2020 in Minneapolis, Minnesota! Click here to view conference details.

JAN 24, 2020
Vibrating Wire Piezometers Now Available For Immediate Delivery!
Immediate delivery is now available for all VW2100 piezometer ranges; contact RST for available lengths and quantities. Click to view the Vibrating Wire Piezometer brochure, or contact an RST Sales Engineer ( for more details.

DEC 10, 2019
NEW SUCCESS STORY: Underground Tunnel Monitoring
RST’s latest Success Story focuses on monitoring an underground tunnel for the Swiss National Cooperative for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste (Nagra). View full story here: Underground Tunnel Monitoring.

DEC 04, 2019
NEW VIDEO: GAA – Landslide Slope Monitoring System
A quick video showcasing the main features of the Geo Acoustic Aware (GAA) Landslide Slope Monitoring System from RST Instruments. View video here: GAA Landslide Slope Monitoring System

JUN 10, 2019
NEW SUCCESS STORY: Railway Arch Bridge Monitoring
RST’s latest Success Story focuses on monitoring a railway arch bridge in Leeds, UK – view full story: Railway Arch Bridge Monitoring.

JUN 6, 2019
NEW PRODUCT: RockMonitor XR (telltale): Remote Strata Monitoring System
The RockMonitor XR (telltale) tracks strata movement throughout mines in real-time, providing information to central control areas and giving advance warning of excessive displacement. Click here to view more.

MAY 10, 2019
32nd National Seminar on Large Dams – SNGB and 2nd International Symposium on Dams Safety – SISB
This event brings together public and private companies interested in institutional issues and technical studies, including environmental aspects, planning, design and construction and generation of power plants, manufacturers and assemblers of electromechanical equipment, professionals of the energy industry, consultants, professors and university students. Come visit RST alongside our distributor, TecWise, in booth #10! Click here to view the agenda.

APR 18, 2019
SUCCESS STORY: Slope Stability Monitoring
RST’s latest Success Story focuses on slope stability monitoring at Highway 99 – Ten Mile Slide – as showcased in this page: Highway 99 – Ten Mile Slide -Slope Stability Monitoring

APR 18, 2019
SHORT COURSE: Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring for Civil and Mining Projects
To be held on August 29-30, 2019 at RST Headquarters & Factory in Maple Ridge, BC Canada. Agenda includes formal presentations, discussion periods, instrumentation demos/installations and presentations by guest speakers. Email for more details and registration.

APR 16, 2019
NEW: Geo-Acoustic Aware (GAA) Slope Monitoring System
Geo-Acoustic Aware (GAA) is a low-cost, reliable solution for the spatial infill of ground movement data instead of traditional instrumentation (Inclinometers, ShapeArray) at shallow depths, and to allow for early warning of movement. It is used in conjunction with Inclinometers, In-Place Inclinometers, ShapeArray (SAA), piezometers, weather sensors, and other instruments to monitor slow to moderate slope movement rates in landslides, roads and highways, pipelines and tailings dams. Click here to view more.

MAR 14, 2019
RST’s latest Success Story focuses on monitoring for a tailings dam at an Australian mine – as showcased in this pdf: Remote, Automated Tailings Dam Monitoring

MAR 12, 2019
Vance Street Capital Acquires Measurand Group Transaction Represents Vance Street Capital’s Second Investment in the Geotechnical Instrumentation Sector Click here to view more.

FEB 01, 2019
RST’s latest Application Illustration focuses on monitoring instrumentation for commercial construction such as tall buildings, as showcased in this pdf: Commercial Construction Monitoring

NOV 14, 2018
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JUL 11, 2018
Click here to view the SUMMER 2018 Geotechnical Newsletter.

MAY 16, 2018
The Mechanical Telltales from Trolex’s RMT product line are low-cost, visual tools for monitoring movement in a tunnel roof, typically for use in underground mines. T here are 3 models of telltales: Auto-Warning Telltale (AWTT), Mechanical Telltale and Rotary Telltale. All models include a visual scale for monitoring movement (in mm). The AWTT model also includes LED’s for indication of movement above a set threshold, from a further distance. Click here to view more.

FEB 28, 2018
RST Instruments is now inserting QR codes with your shipment. Codes provide a direct link to the pdf manual & software and can be scanned with your smart phone – either through a third-party app or with your phone’s camera (iOS 11.0+). You can also manually enter the URL which is also shown on the insert. For additional support or questions, please contact

JAN 31, 2018
Click here to view the WINTER 2018 Geotechnical Newsletter.