INCLINALYSIS™ Inclinometer Analysis Software

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RST Inclinalysis™ Software is a powerful companion to the RST Digital MEMS Inclinometer System. It allows the user to quickly and efficiently reduce large volumes of inclinometer data into a variety of formats suitable for analysis and presentation.

Using a multi-document interface, the user is able to view several data plots simultaneously on the screen at one time. Intuitive single-click buttons allow the creation of plots within seconds. Plots can be saved as individual reports allowing the flexibility to load multiple specialized plots for a single borehole dataset. A universal depth increment drop-down box highlights data across multiple windows allowing the user to directly compare data across several plot types at once.


Analyze and compile large volumes of inclinometer data into a variety of presentable formats.


  • Create custom graph views, text views, vector or time plots.
  • Single click views for mean deviation, incremental displacement, absolute position, cumulative displacement, checksum, time plot and vector plot.
  • User defined settings for X and Y-axis properties such as scale, units, labels, ticks and gridlines.
  • Ability to read a variety of inclinometer survey file types: *.csv, *.rpp, *.bch
  • Spiral file support for other spiral formats: *.rpp; *.txt; *.prn, *.twi
  • Reading Units conversion between m, mm, in. or ft.