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RST Instruments Ltd. offers a variety of cables that can be effectively matched to any instrument that requires a signal cable. RST uses Meter Marked Cable for a majority of our instruments that require a signal cable such as those used in Vibrating Wire Piezometers, Load/Pressure Cells, Crack Meters, Joint Meters, etc. In the unfortunate event of the cable being accidentally severed, the meter cable markings can be cross-referenced with the calibration record.


Used for various types of sensors, in various environments, requiring a signal cable.


  • Please view the brochure for complete specifications on available cable types.
  • RST offers signal cables for thermistors, vibrating wire piezometers, strain gauges, inclinometers, tilt meters, load/pressure cells, and extensometers.
  • Cables available for all types of environments (acidic, saltwater, direct burial, abrasion risk, etc.) Meter marked for easier installation.
  • Meter marked for easier installations.